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Family Fitness Nights!FAMILY FITNESS NIGHTS PCOS Stanley Presbyterian

Wednesday Nights at 7 PM– Starting June 1st

Bring the family to cook, work out, play games, and more while having fun getting fit at Stanley Presbyterian. Each Wednesday will bring something new for you and your family to do while learning how to be fit and healthy. In June, classes include hands-on cooking and nutritional education provided by Lisa Bartels, RD, LD, our local Hy-Vee dietitian. Cari Duffin, local group fitness trainer and mother of two, will lead classes to improve muscle tone, strength, and balance – and of course improve our cardiovascular fitness. 

Check our website often to see new offerings for future months. Some of these activities include fencing, archery and dance.

Event Dates in June:

June 1, Nutrition for Busy Families – Simple Healthy Swaps – Class limit 40.

June 1, JoCo Emergency Management Severe Weather Seminar.  (Free to the public–no registration needed), Host Trent Pittman.

June 8, Family Fitness (bring a mat) – (Host Cari Duffin)

June 15, Family Fitness (bring a mat) – (Host Cari Duffin)

June 22, Nutrition for Busy Families – Make and Take Home a Healthy Meal**  Class limit 40.

June 29th, Family Fitness (bring a mat) – (Host Cari Duffin)

$5 per adult (per session), children free.

**Additional $10 for the take-home meal for four. Limited to 40 participants.

Nursery provided for children 5 and under! Limited number of children. First come, first tree events with stanley presbyterian church

You will receive an email confirmation of registration with payment instructions.

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