Day Out Classroom

Friends at PCOS Day Out Classroom

Children in the Day Out program begin their day by selecting puzzles, colors, books or toys. Parents may feel free to assist their children in finding the first activity of the day and may find that this shared activity helps to relieve some of the anxiety that children of this age so often feel. The Day Out program will then progress through the day with opportunities for large and small group activities, individual play in the interest centers, outdoor play for large muscle development and socialization during their lunch period. Each child will bring a nutritious lunch from home and enjoy it with the rest of their classmates prior to rest time. Before dismissal time, the children will be given a snack that parents provide on a rotating basis. We ask that you pick up your child promptly, and be prepared to hear about their fun and exciting day.

Items needed from home:

  • Labeled change of clothes & diapers if needed
  • A water bottle
  • A nutritious lunch with drink in a labeled lunchbox
  • A wipe off resting mat
  • Blanket & other comfort items
  • A labeled backpack
  • A laundry basket or tote in which to carry & store above items