How tall can we make it?

At the Presbyterian Church of Stanley Preschool we use a developmentally-
appropriate/cognitive (D .A.P.) learning curriculum.  This educational approach nurtures healthy academic growth and development, as well as age appropriate social, emotional, and physical skills. The key to success with the D.A.P. learning curriculum lies with your child’s full involvement in and satisfaction from the activities throughout the daily schedule.


Graphing fruit

The D.A.P. learning curriculum assures that each child is active as they learn through doing. Through their play, children learn to think and solve problems for themselves. Each child is recognized for their own level of development and work from that level to achieve social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Each child is taught to take responsibility for what they do during planning, working and evaluating the day. As a result, children realize that they are able to control what they do and can make decisions themselves from a group of age-appropriate choices.