Your child’s daily routine will be consistent and includes:

Arrival: During this brief casual time, many important skills are developing as the children take care of their personal belongings (hanging up backpacks, coat, etc.) greet friends, observe changes in the classroom and find a place to sit with their classmates. Arrival times are: Preschool — 9:00 am. & 12:15 pm., and Extended Day — 10:00 am.

Circle time: Children and teachers gather together for a time of reading stories, singing songs, playing games and briefly talking about what will be happening during the day.Ā  The children take turns being leader, checking the weather, helping with the calendar and doing show and tell. Unlike any other part of the day, everyone is involved in the same activity at the same time.

Small Group and Planning Time: Each class divides into two small groups in order to facilitate more teacher-directed time. In planning, the children decide what they want to do in the work centers.

Work Time: This is the time of day when children carry out the plans they made during Planning Time. The child makes choices and can move freely to each activity at their own time. The teachers aid and enhance skill development as children work with different materials.

Clean-up: During clean-up time the children put away the materials they have used for their work. Shelves are marked so that children know where materials are to be placed. This labeling helps facilitate the clean-up process and incorporates curriculum goals, such as classification and sequencing.

Activity Time: During this period, the total group is involved in motor activities, either indoors or outdoors.

Serendipitous Happenings: These are daily occurrences when children are loved and are learning. The daily routine is always secondary to child-inspired creative discoveries.

End of the Day: At the end of the Preschool session, the children are ready to return home and share their experiences and discoveries with you. We ask that you pick up your child promptly each day.